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Innovative maintenance features. Easy, automatic operation.
Unprecedented convenience. New levels of service life.

Technological advancements on the Alliance unloader combine state-of-the-art design with patented engineering concepts. Together with Engineered Storage Products Company in-depth bottom unloader experience, this Alliance unloader introduces a new era in technology, ruggedness, and convenience. Simply stated, it is our strongest, most powerful forage unloader you can own.

Two Powerful Models:
Alliance unloaders are available in 20' and 25' models. Both offer these new features for improved delivery rates :

New Chisel-Tip Cutter Hooks*: The aggressive, sharper edge efficiently drives through compacted feed. Fewer bog downs. More consistency. More feed!

* On all 25' unloaders and all 30" wide 20' unloaders

New High Torque Motors: Compared with previous motor options, the 10 hp, 45 amp single phase motor and control has 20% more starting torque. The 15 hp, 40 amp, 3-phase motor and control offers significantly more starting torque and 50% more running torque to power through heavy loads.

New Conveyor Chain: In addition to larger paddles for more thorough cleaning and consistent delivery, bushings are larger, side bars are thicker. Overall, a bigger, stronger chain!

40% Speed Increase Boosts Delivery of 25' Alliance
On high speed, the 25' Alliance has the extra power to aggressively cut into a full head of forage. Combined with new Chisel-Tip cutter hooks and a bigger stronger conveyor chain, delivery increases have exceeded 55%! (Speed increase not available on 20' model.)

Arm Advance Sentry™ Arm Control The Arm Advance Sentry is the biggest reason the Alliance unloader is easy to operate. It reduces the need for an operator to monitor the unloading sequence. Using smart logic technology, established parameters are maintained from feeding to feeding.

From the moment it's turned On in the automatic mode, a series of operations takes place:

1. START UP. When first turned On, the cutter chain briefly runs without advancing the arm to remove fallen material.

2. ARM ADVANCE. In the Arm Advance mode the time of forward arm motion is automatically controlled.

3. HOLD. In the Hold mode, forward motion is stopped and material is cleaned out.

4. SHUT DOWN. When turned to Shut Down, (and before the motor turns off), the cutter arm is held in place while the cutter chain cleans out the feed so that the arm is not overloaded when starting the next time.

This advance-hold-advance-hold sequence results in more consistent delivery, less chance of bog down, reduced speed or erratic operation because of material overload, and more consistent loading of the motor. The duration of the start-up sequence can be set independently of the clean-out sequence. This means you can match the cutter arm's automatic cycles to the consistency of your feed's moisture content, texture and depth. These adjustments require internal modifications that can be easily made by your dealer service person at your request whenever feed composition changes.

Motor Load Indicator A color-coded Motor Load Indicator helps you determine the proper settings of the advance/ hold cycles. When the indicator is in the green range, the arm is advancing with the recommended force. In the yellow or red range, the arm is advancing with too much force and is being placed under excessive pressure. Simply decrease the Advance cycle time until the Motor Load Indicator returns to the green range.

Built-in Cutter and Conveyor Chain Lubrication System Built into the Alliance unloader are spray nozzles with the ability to force oil onto the conveyor chain and onto the cutter chain. Using a readily accessible oil fitting on the front of the Alliance, oiling can be performed regardless of cutter arm position. Both chains are oiled simultaneously.

Driving the built-in oil system is the optional Hydra-Force™ H.P. oil spray unit. This high pressure mobile unit uses a high pressure pump design to force lubrication through the system and create a powerful oil spray. Oil then penetrates through the forage material on the chains to effectively reach the top of the chain, underneath the side bars, and between pins and bushings.

Although optional, the Alliance Hydra-Force H.P. oil unit is strongly recommended to maximize chain and unloader life. It uses a readily available edible vegetable oil. A four gallon reservoir holds enough oil for several weeks of use.

Center Shaft Lubrication Built-in to the unloader is a separate greasing system for lubrication. This allows you to lubricate the center shaft bearings and gear box components from outside the structure.


Marathon™ Full Round Bushing Cutter Chain Wide sidebars for greater strength and durability. For forage unloaders, full round bushing design for symmetrical distribution of stress, fabricated using 431 stainless steel for increased toughness and added service life.

Additional Alliance features:

Wider Trough New and pre-owned 20' and 25' diameter structures are available with 30-inch troughs. We also have the specifications to expand an existing 24-inch trough to 30 inches.

Thick Steel Housing The entire housing is engineered to optimum thickness in wear areas for increased strength and longer service life.

Heavy Duty Arm Support Wheel Designed to complement a new generation of high-tech floor coverings. Made with a wear-resistant material, the arm support wheel offers extra width and increased depth of heat treat hardness for longer life.

Increased Ratchet Engagement Newly designed pawls and ratchet wheels provide more positive engagement, driving deeper into the ratchet wheel's teeth. Operation is smoother.

Extra Strong Backbone Computer-assisted finite element analysis puts increased strength where it's most needed. The structurally designed backbone features built-in floor supports to handle over-riding wheel loads; thick top material for additional strength, and backbone wear strips for increased service life.

Easy To Use Housing Latches A smooth, machined surface on the feed door latches permits easy closing and creates more contact between the door's seal strip and the housing frame.


Tough Warranty A new Alliance Unloader is backed by a full 36 month warranty on all components. Both the cutter chain and conveyor chain are backed by a 36-month/ 750-hour warranty. The motor is warranted by the manufacturer.

Improper installation or improper maintenance can mean poor unloader operation and lead to additional problems. That's why it is extremely important to work with CADY Inc. We have specialized equipment and timely, direct from the factory knowledge to do the job right. We have direct access to recent factory service bulletins, product parts lists, and update kits. We have an extensive inventory of Harvestore Branded™ parts, the only parts that are factory authorized. The combination of genuine Harvestore Branded parts and authorized dealer service can help keep your equipment operating to manufacturer specifications. We can provide you with a video detailing the start up and operation procedures for the Alliance unloader. It also shows proper oiling and maintenance procedures. For more information on the Alliance unloader warranty as well as details on how the power and durability of the Alliance can work with you, contact CADY Inc.

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