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Solids from dairy cow manure


Re-use liquids for flushing


Bedding for dairy cows


Solids from poultry manure


Manure Treatment

Solid–Liquid Separation of Hog, Cattle and Poultry Manure


The FAN Separator
"Solution To Polution" Technology

  • Squeezes water out of liquid manure
  • Separates solids into piles of dry solids
  • The only separator that works with thick slurries and dilute wastewaters
  • Cleaning every 3–4 months only
  • Meets environmental effluent standards
  • Reduces solids content of manure
  • Reduces size of new pits and lagoons
  • Reduces pollutant nutrient content
  • Re-use solids for bedding
  • Re-use liquids for flushing
  • Recycle solids for refeeding
  • Prolongs life of existing lagoon
  • Minimizes cost of hauling waste
  • Improves biological treatment
  • Minimizes odor
  • Reducing field spreading acreage
  • Solids moisture content; 60–70%


Available Equipment

PSS = Press Screw Separator
(for total suspended solids)

  • Lower manure handling costs
  • Bedding for dairy cows
  • Compost dry solids
  • Sell compost/solids
  • Efficient waste storage
  • Irrigate clean liquids
  • Control nutrients
  • Reduce odor problems
  • Clears barn environment
  • Refeeding options

SCS = Sedimentation Centrifuge Separator
(for settleable fine particles)

  • Fast sedimentation through through high centrifugal forces
  • Different capacities with variable speed drive
  • Removes heavy fine particles
  • Low energy consumption

GFS = Gravitation Flotation Separator
(for light weightfine particles)

  • Floats out light weight particles
  • Patented micro-bubble technology
  • Highest separation efficiency
  • Dissolved air flotation in small space

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