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S-Style Chopper Design

Getting the chop 140 times per second

Equipped with a special impeller and cutting plate, Flygt chopper pumps will cut up a wide variety of long fibrous materials and solid objects into small, harmless pieces, that will not block up the pump or the piping.

The cutting action can be compared to that of scissors. All stringy materials or solids that enter the inlet are forced by the S-shaped impeller into one of three areas in the high chrome cutting plate. There it is chopped up by the sharp, hardened edge of the rotating impeller. With an operation speed of over 1,400 r.p.m., material passing through the pump is chopped more than 140 times per second into harmless pieces.


The S-shape design of the impeller also works to feed more dense medium through the pump.

Protection against impeller jamming

The motor and shaft are protected from mechanical damage, should hard objects become caught in the cutting area.

The largest pump model feature a unique automatic safety clutch. If a stoppage occurs, the obstructing article is easily removed, either manually, or by running the pump in reverse.

FP - Semi-Permanent Installation

Stationary, submerged installation with guide bars and automatic discharge connection bolted to sump floor. When a pump is lowered down the guide bars, it couples automatically to discharge connection - and is automatically disengaged when raised.

FS - Portable Installation

Connected to either a pipe or hose, the pump can be lowered into place within a matter of minutes, for temporary or semi-permanent installations.

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