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CADY INC. sells and services the complete line of Harvestore Engineered Storage structures.
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Glass-Fused-To-Steel Feed Storage

Livestock farmers have been working with the Harvestore structure for decades. It's an important relationship because a Harvestore structure can do nothing on its own, but working together, you can make it one of the most important pieces of equipment you own. Enginered Storage Products Co.(ESPC) also manufactures a complete line of products that includes bottom unloaders, manure storage structures, manure pumps and agitation equipment and Harvestore Branded service parts. ESPC agricultural products are distributed through a network of independent authorized dealers throughout North America and in Europe.


Harvestore® Structure features
The Harvestore structure is constructed of durable glass-fused-to-steel sheets which are rigidly fastened together using steel bolts with plastic encapsulated heads. Web truss stiffeners on new structures increase the structure's ability to resist lateral wind forces. The structure is filled from the top and unloaded from the bottom using bottom unloaders. A breather bag system is designed to reduce the amount of air that normally comes in contact with stored feed when compared to bunkers, trenches, and conventional top-unloading silos. Harvestore Branded sealant in all joints and gasketed access doors also help to create a more favorable environment for the storage of medium moisture forages and high moisture grains. Oxygen can access the feed through a two-way pressure relief valve when the breather bag capacity is exceeded, during the filling process, and through the unloader door when it is opened for unloading.


Like an iceberg, there's a lot you don't see when looking at a Harvestore structure. Manufacturer specifications call for a massive concrete footing that meets U.S., Canada, and local building requirements. Firmly attached to this base is the first ring of sheets. Then more concrete is placed inside the base sheets. Together this creates a unitized, engineered base for building. The steel unloader trough is a vital part of this quality foundation. Accurate trough installation means consistent and stable unloader operation.

Molten glass is fused to both sides of the steel sheets to create a coating that is hard, durable and long lasting. This glass coating is formulated to resist acids from fermented feeds. The smoothness of the glass allows feed to slide down easily. Sheet thicknesses are designed to meet the varying stress requirements from top to bottom.

High strength structural grade bolts are designed to handle specific joint stress loads. The acid-resistant bolt heads are located inside the structure. The smooth, rounded cap offers little resistance to the downward movement of feed.


After the foundation is completed, the first ring of sheets is assembled and the roof is completed. Then, using special jacks, the roof is raised high enough to put on the second ring of sheets. The entire assembly is again raised as each successive ring of sheets is bolted into place. By following manufacturer guidelines, assembly can be fast, safe and efficient. NOTE: These guidelines are continually revised to incorporate important assembly and safety techniques. Only authorized Engineered Storage Products dealers have direct access to these current specifications.

Lightweight aluminum doors and hatches are gasketed with flexible seals that can be tightly clamped.

A urethane based sealer is formulated for sealing sheet joints and other structure attachments. After joint assembly, this sealer cures in place to form a durable rubber-like gasket.

This exclusive, proprietary design increases the structure's ability to resist wind forces.

Engineered Storage Products unloaders can be removed for service or replacement without reworking the structure's base. Contact your authorized Engineered Storage Products dealer for more information on interchanging unloaders and switching your structure's use from haylage to high moisture grain.

Many models can be made taller to increase capacity as your production requirements grow. To add the new rings of sheets, the structure is raised on jacks and the new sheets are added near the bottom. Also, a Harvestore structure can be taken down and moved. NOTE: Modifications of any kind must be done to manufacturer specifications by an authorized Engineered Storage Products dealer. Only he has direct access to the current erection procedures, and the current factory specified parts and equipment to do the job right.

Helps regulate excessive build up of fermentation gases when pressure exceeds the capacity of the breather bags. When the internal breather bags are empty, the pressure relief valve allows gas out. After the breather bags have been filled, the pressure relief valve may allow air in.

The unloader access door has a safety disconnect system. It provides for positive disconnect of power to the unloader control when the structure's unloader access door is removed. Similar systems are available for older unloaders manufactured by AOSESPC.

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