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NUHN Industries pioneered the manufacture of Magnum Spreaders in the 1980s. These customized units are built for endurance, to meet the needs of the larger operator.








  • Front End Pump
    • provides in-tank agitation with no moving parts
    • pressurized unloading system for an even spread
    • control valve adjusts spread from light to heavy
    • volume control allows for additional attachments and a low spread pattern
    • stainless steel shaft and valve seat
  • Full length frame with cross members for strength

  • Front and rear clean-out doors, easily accessible

  • Bearings positioned away from direct contact with manure

  • Adjustable rear deflector plate allows an infinite variety of spread patterns

  • In-tank float with stainless steel mounts

  • In-tank spray wash system

  • Heavy, adjustable hitch

  • Standard equipment includes:
    • oversized tires
    • jack
    • constant velocity PTO shaft
    • light brackets and injector brackets
    • stainless steel shaft and valve seat
  • Five year complete structural warranty


Additional MAGNUM Features:

  • 1/4 inch steel tank

  • Drop tandem walking suspension for a lower profile

  • Heavier hubs and spindles

  • Strongest undercarriage offered inthe industry

  • Longer tongue for better weight control, balance and easier steering

  • Available in 4000, 5000, 6250, 6750 and 7500 U.S. gallon capacities

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