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Model 1200 Side-Mounted Pump
Complementing the design of the Slurrystore structure, the Agitation System 1200 performs your choice of three valuable functions: 1) pump slurry back into the structure for center agitation 2) pump to the over-the-top agitation unit 3) or pump to the fill pipe for spreader loading.

The Agitation System 1200 features a rugged PTO-driven side-mount pump offering two options of five-vane impeller, with galvanized piping and pump components for longer life. These powerful pumps are built with a durable cast iron housing, and seal housing with cast ribs for added strength. The drain port is easily accessible for convenient winterization. An optional slurry valve switching and floor agitation system further customizes the Agitation System 1200 to take on your specific manure management challenges.

Patented Deluxe Over-the-top Agitator
Two heavy duty cast swivel joints with chromium alloy steel ball bearings provide complete adjustment flexibility. The first swivel joint provides side-to-side adjustment while the second allows up and down adjustment of the slurry discharge nozzle. You can aim the discharge to almost any point.

Bottom Center Agitator
This patented floor mounted center agitation nozzle recirculates and agitates the slurry into a homogeneous mixture. A control rod located outside the structure allows you to rotate the nozzle 360 degrees so that its jet agitation power can be directed anywhere along the floor of the structure. The tapered-nozzle design increases liquid velocity. The control rod housing is completely encased in concrete. There is a seal at the outside wall in addition to the primary seal inside the structure to help reduce the risk of unwanted leaks. The nozzle rotation drive mechanism is a simple pinion gear made from cast iron making it tough and corrosion resistant.

Heavy Duty Web Truss
Wind Stiffeners Sidewall stiffeners,made from galvanized web trussing, provide resistance to sidewall buckling from strong winds.

S-Tube Riser
A time-saving addition to an existing or new structure, the S-Tube Riser raises the side-mounted pump 32". This allows you to perform all slurry agitation at ground level instead of from a pit. Also, without a pit, the amount of concrete required to install a Slurrystore structure may be reduced by as much as eight yards. The S-Tube Riser includes a 24" offset crank so you can operate the center agitation nozzle at ground level. Made of heavy gauge steel, then hot-dip galvanized, the S-Tube Risers can stand up to the abuses of inclement weather.

Patented Cathodic Protection
System Magnesium bars are anchored to the concrete floor and connected to sidewall foundation sheets, to the concrete reinforcing steel, and to the agitation system steel components. The magnesium bars are slowly sacrificed in order to protect the steel components that are in contact with the slurry from corrosion.

Glass-Fused-To-Steel Construction
High strength steel sheets are coated on both sides with a layer of liquid glass. The glass is fused into the surface of the steel and provides a coating that is highly corrosion resistant. The steel's strength is combined with the durability of glass. Plastic-encapsulated bolts and special sealant in the joints add further protection.

Improved Foundation Starter Sheet Design Bolt Line Pattern has a minimum of 2 parallel vertical holes for added strength. Increased width of the sealing surface between the bolt lines creates a better seal. Overall structure roundness is measured to within + or - 1/8".


Bentonite Seal Strip
The bentonite seal strip is installed below the primary sealing strip. When exposed to liquid the bentonite strip can swell 6 to 8 times its original shape. This creates a positive barrier to liquid flow between the foundation starter sheet and the concrete floor, thus providing a positive containment system.

Patented Foundation Leveling System
This system permits the installer to leave nothing to chance. Sturdy, precision controls allow vertical adjustments to within + or - 1/16". This tool helps make the structure round and reduces the chance of "flat spots."


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