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Liquid Storage Columbian TecTankª is the leading manufacturer of municipal and industrial liquid storage tanks. Our factory-baked coating systems are the most advanced in the industry. Columbian TecTankª bolted and welded storage tanks are available in epoxy-coated carbon steel and stainless steel in capacities of 4,000 to 2,400,000 gallons. For bolted storage tanks there is an option of galvanized steel.
Columbian TecTankª manufacturers a wide variety of bolted and welded silos in sizes up to 900,000 ft3 (25,000m3). Our dry bulk storage silos are recognized throughout the world. We provide dry bulk storage applications for the chemical, petrochemical, mineral, food, grain and plastics industries. Columbian TecTankª will design your storage tank or silo to meet the specified codes and recognized standards. All of our facilities are ISO 9000 quality system certified. With silos and tanks in over 100 countries, Columbian TecTankª is your single source for liquid and dry bulk storage.
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