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The Waste Stream Solutions M3380 addresses concerns of all parties involved in manure management and confined animal feeding operations (CAFOs), including: owner, public, public officials, environmental advocates and regulatory agencies. This is accomplished by significantly improving the air and waste discharge quality.

Benefits: By reducing bacteria and virtually eliminating odor, the Waste Stream Solutions M3380 will significantly reduce or eliminate impacts on air, soil, surface water and groundwater. The by-product is stable and less hazardous which will simplify the storage, handling and application of the waste stream.

  • Dramatic reduction in odor
  • Enhanced control of some pests and disease
  • Reduced generation of toxic gases within the barn
  • Positive impacts on the public
  • Preserves the fertilizer value of manure
  • Reduces exposure to liability and punitive damages
  • Mobile - use the M3380 in various locations
  • Cost benefit to your entire operation

How it works: The waste stream is pumped from the collection pit or lagoon into three process chambers of the M3380, where it is treated with a patented electrolysis process. This process uses electrical energy to destroy organic molecules and ruptures the cell walls of bacteria and insect larvae that live in the waste. The waste is then pumped back into the pit or lagoon or applied to the fields.treatment time and frequency varies based on the volume of waste and the rate of new waste being added.


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