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CADY INC. sells and services the complete line of Slurrystore Engineered Manure Storage structures.
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Engineered Waste Management

The Slurrystore structure is designed to be an integral part of your Slurrystore system in which, using state-of-the-art pumps and agitation systems, manure handling is nearly 100% "hands off" automated. When built by an authorized dealer to Engineered Storage Products Co.'s specifications, the Slurrystore structure provides a positive containment system which has been approved by the Soil Conservation Service. Engineered Storage Products Co. (ESPC) also manufactures a complete line of products that includes bottom unloaders, manure storage structures, manure pumps and agitation equipment and Harvestore Branded service parts. ESPC agricultural products are distributed through a network of independent authorized dealers throughout North America and Europe.

Slurrystore® Structure features
Engineered Waste Management With a properly sized Slurrystore® structure you can confidently store manure for months, then move it out at your convenience as time and weather permit. And while your livestock manure is in a Slurrystore structure, it stays put! There isn't the danger of runoff and ground water pollution that may be present in lagoons, stacks, and other "make-do" methods. A Slurrystore structure is designed to be filled and emptied from the bottom. When used for cattle manure, a crust typically forms on the top. This helps you manage odors as well as nutrients.

Thanks to the Slurrystore structure's positive containment, runoff is less of a concern, you can better manage odors and flies, and you can greatly improve the overall sanitation of your operation. Many years have passed since the Soil Conservation Service first officially approved a Slurrystore structure (built by authorized dealers of Engineered Storage Products Co.) as eligible for government cost sharing programs. Since that time, the environment has become a much greater concern and government regulations have become increasingly strict. Yet the Slurrystore structure remains an approved method of environment-conscious manure management.

Water quality is important to you, and an ever-increasing concern to your neighbors. The management system you choose today can be the difference between your livestock's manure being called an asset - or pollution - tomorrow. Livestock manure is a resource worthy of prudent attention. Utilizing a Slurrystore structure, what was once called "waste disposal" can now be replaced by "nutrient utilization." Much of the plant nutrients contained in feed that animals eat pass through their bodies. Storing the manure and later returning it to the soil can save fertilizer. Research shows that on average about 30 tons of dairy cow slurry, the amount produced by 1.5 mature cows consuming a balanced diet in a year's time, can provide the total nitrogen fertilizer needs for one acre of 150 bushels per acre corn. And as the value of nitrogen and other fertilizing nutrients increases, manure's value increases . . . it's your "hedge" against the future.

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